Here you  can follow my ongoing project…. Please keep in mind that the progress will surely be rather erratic.

Nov 25, 2021

Please keep in mind that the illumination when photos are taken will vary

Now a few things have finally changed. Painting involves constant adjustment and changes: The transparence and translusence of  the waves, the surface structure. All give movement and volume. The one wave you see in the central area with its green-ish hue has  the potential of being the one “nail” that all else can be hung upon. But it is at the same time a bit of a risk: if THAT one fails, much of the painting collapses.

The stones on the left side need to be changed. I intended them to be of granite, with its typical rust-red, brown and grey colours. But I had forgotten that granite tends towards black, or darkens a lot when wet. And there are few places more wet than this one.

Next step will be  the area between the stones and the horizon, along with the sky over it all where clouds and ocean seem to merge in a haze. I think that diffuse light is vital for recreating the atmosphere. The colours that will dominate the sky will also reflect on the paintings lower areas, especially in the foam and froth that till now is merely white where the waves crest. In short: a pink sky gives pink wave tops.

And even more adjustments. 

Nov 8, 2021

I decided to  have a horizon, and a hidden landmass that  I  will  add soon. But also I will  paint a rock roughly where it is still white. The sea breaking on the rock will cause a reflective wave-pattern that can he hard to  recreate, but I can see it. There is a LOT left to do…

Nov 6, 2021

Shopped for Titanum White (BIG tube) And a pale turquoise to  help  to  develop the surface reflection of the sky.  This will gradually lighten  the ocean surface as it progresses up  to  a misty horizon.The parts of  the ocean closest to  the observer (the lower part of painting) will  mainly show the deep natural blue, with little reflexes.

The reflection are generally colder and more pale,  drifting  a little into the violet, in this case.

Nov 2, 2021

Under way. I  decided to  make a horizon, even a misty one, ca 1/4 from  the top, to make space for  some clouds and a landmass seen through the fog.  And later, if its not good, Ill  just  extend the water right to the top. Anything  that  enhances  the general atmosphere is good, I think.

I’m used to rainy and misty sea-views.  Cold ones.

oct 30, 2021

The first lines, and it is important to both establish a true horizontal line  and to  figure out WHERE  the line between ocean and sky will do. 

How high? I’d say rather high, because I  want above all to paint waves, and not so  much else. There will be a landmass partly hidden in a haze, so the actual horizon is more of an academic issue. We will see…

On the wall! This weekend I will  start by outlining  the main features directly on the board using a simple pencil. And I measured it; 18 kilos. Like a door on the wall! The right hand photo shows the cost of being creative….

oct 24, 2021

I want to  make a panoramic painting with ocean waves. I  never tried to  concentrate on  the  waves, in a picture where the sky is a mere haze with a landmass barely visible. The light will be a challenge….for sure. It will be an oil painting, and large at 200 cm x 90  cm on wooden board with a Gesso primer to protect the painting from  the board, and vice versa. It all weighs surely 20 kilos, and will  be a challenge to  hang on  the wall, also….