A short intro. I am 69, and technically I am retired, though I was never as busy as I am now.

Its said that I have drawn and painted since age 4 and hardly was a pencil gathering dust around me.

Since then I used illustrations as a tool in product development and industrial design in all from Volvo to developing marine technology for the environment in Sweden during a 6 year R & D program. All very much technology. So, after a 30 year hiatus I returned to painting just to remain human. 

I don’t call myself an artist. In my mind, true artists historically dedicated their often short lives to art and higher purposes.  I cannot say that I  have any particular style, but experiment (see  the Van Gogh experiment, painted just to try it…)

I  just  like to  create, whether it is a painting or  writing a book (which I persist in doing). And if you  enjoy it also,  then so  much for the better.